1.- ¿Where to purchase and top up the contactless card?


Each bus company has its own sales offices and tops up, depending on routes or required transportation means, List of sales offices


2.- ¿What bus lines may be used with the contactless card?


Contactless cards may be used in all regional routes in Cantabria, local bus lines in Laredo and Camargo, and its reach will be extended to other operators in the near future.


3.- ¿How much may I top up?


Each company decides minimum and maximum value amounts. Eventually they could also top up trips instead of mone.


4.- ¿What should I do when using more than one company?


The contactless card allows having three independent pockets, which can be topped up and used independently, one per company.


5.- ¿What discount applies when using the contactless card?


Discounts are established by the companies depending on lines and utilization.


6.- ¿Where to go whenever I have problems with my card?


Should there be any problems, the operator (bus company) itself must take care of the incident. Besides, customers may always attend the CIT (Card Incident Helpdesk), placed in Santander Bus Station, where assistance and advice will be given on alternative solutions to card incidents, either personally or by phone (call 902390139).


7.- ¿When I top up the card, is card balance updated?


Customers may top up the card at any time, updating immediately the card balance in the amount of euros purchased.          


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